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Thinking About Web Literacy, Making, & Sharing with Mozilla

by NWP

"Our Information Age began," writes Mark Surman and Cathy Davidson in this article from Fast Company, " April of 1993 when the Mosaic 1.0 browser made the World Wide Web availableâfor freeânot just for use but for contribution and participation by anyone with access to the Internet. Its decentralization, its open architecture, and its lack of a `director' or `owner' or even central switching point made the potential for worldwide co-creation of knowledge, art, science, literature, animation, and all the rest possible." If this is true, then being a reader, writer, and co-creator online is a critical component of literacy and learning.

Join members of the Mozilla Foundation (the folks behind the Firefox web browser) and NWP teachers as they explore what it means to be "web literate" and the tools and opportunities that have been created to support web making practices in schools and communities today.


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